High Voltage Inc. ADL-1 Data Logger

Wireless VLF Hipot Data Logging with the High Voltage ADL-1 Data Logger

Most very low frequency (VLF) hipot testers need a computer onsite to monitor the test results and store them for analysis.  However, this can be a hassle especially when you need to bring a lot of electrical test equipment onsite.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send the test results wirelessly so other colleagues could collaborate with the diagnostics?  If you demand hipot data logging with convenient wifi connectivity, you will be very interested in High Voltage Inc.’s  ADL-1 Data Logger.

Comprehensive Protection Scheme Testing with the Doble F6150

Testing protection schemes requires special electrical test equipment offering high power, sophisticated software and flexibility. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System fits these specifications perfectly.  With a wide range of increasingly complex protection schemes, the Doble F6150 allows you to run comprehensive tests using just one test unit, alleviating the need to carry multiple tools in the field.

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Tester Detects Hidden Trouble Spots

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test SetThe impedance of a battery provides useful information that can be an early indication of performance issues and hidden trouble spots. High ohmic values are often a prompt for further investigation and potentially the replacement of an aging battery.  Impedance is a marker that is especially useful in checking stationary batteries.

Connecting your Insulation Test Set

DC Hipots and Megohmmeters are fairly common test sets used by test technicians and engineers.  The basic operation for both a DC Hipot and a Megohmmeter is the same; a known DC voltage is applied across insulation.  The applied potential causes several small currents through and over surfaces of the insulation being tested. The total current is measured and the result is displayed as either an ohmic value or as a current value.

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Diagnostic Capabilities of Doble M4000/M4100 are Unmatched

Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation AnalyzerPoor insulation can cause serious problems in electrical power distribution. Testing and maintenance programs that include power factor testing of electrical distribution equipment helps to identify potential problems early and to monitor the progression of those problems.  Power Factor testing is an AC insulation test that would be applicable on many types of electrical insulation including the insulating component of cables, motors, generators, transformers, circuit breakers and other power system apparatus.  This type of measurement accommodates planning of maintenance, repairs and replacement of power system components without compromising the electrical system.