Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Tester Detects Hidden Trouble Spots

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test SetThe impedance of a battery provides useful information that can be an early indication of performance issues and hidden trouble spots. High ohmic values are often a prompt for further investigation and potentially the replacement of an aging battery.  Impedance is a marker that is especially useful in checking stationary batteries.

Choosing a Time Domain Reflectometer for Cable Troubleshooting

Megger CFL510F Hand-held Time Domain ReflectometerLocating cable problems through visual inspection, continuity and insulation resistance testing can be difficult and time-consuming especially on long installations. To help you save time, effort and money in troubleshooting cables, consider using a Time Domain Reflectometer. This diagnostic tool is very efficient and accurate because it can help localize the fault from where you are in a matter of seconds. After prelocating the fault, you can then run other diagnostic techniques to verify the defect. Time domain reflectometry is not only effective in finding faults in electrical cables. It can also be used for various installations for cellular, telephone and cable TV installations.

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The Megger DET Line of Ground Resistance Meters

A ground is a crucial component in any electrical system. It routes electricity to the Earth when electrical insulation fails. Ultimately, it provides a definitive path in theses instances and prevents the electrical path from including anyone or anything else. Additionally, enclosures for electrical apparatus as well as radial conductors for cabling are often grounded in order to provide shielding from electrical noise or radiated interference.

Doble M4000/M4100 the leading system for Insulation Testing

Power factor testing is a diagnostic test that is commonly performed to quantify and trend characteristics of electrical insulation. A regular testing and maintenance program that includes power factor testing can aid in determining the health of electrical insulation as well as where it is in its life cycle and how to plan for taking it out of service.

Megger Delta 2000 Power Factor Test Set

Megger Delta-2000 Power Factor Test SetWhen it’s time to assess the condition of electrical insulation in high voltage conditions such as transformer equipment, circuit breakers, cables, bushings and rotating machinery, there is no better solution than the Megger Delta-2000 Power Factor Test Set. Megger C & DF (Power Factor) test units are known for their comprehensive insulation diagnostics, and the Delta-2000 lives up to the Megger name.

How to Maintain Your Station Batteries … Part V … Ohmic Trending

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test SetThere are three types of ohmic battery testers — impedance testers, conductance testers and resistance testers. Each method is recognized by the IEEE and each can be used as a means of determining the State-of-Health (SOH) of a battery.  Perhaps one of the greatest values of ohmic testing is that it is performed while the battery is on-line and it fills the gap between discharge tests by providing an indication of internal changes to the battery.

Advantages of TDR Compared to Thumping in Underground Cable Troubleshooting

Megger PFL22M1500 Power Cable Fault Locator SystemCommon methods of finding faults in direct buried cables is arc reflection or simply thumping. Thumping is a method that is performed by discharging a large amount of energy into a cable. This electrical energy will seek to arc across the path of least resistance to ground, which in this case would be the electrical insulating material that separates the center conductor from the outer shield, or concentric neutral.  When that arc occurs it often makes an audible thumping sound in the vicinity of the arc. If thumping is being performed where there is high ambient noise, or for some reason cannot be heard, directional acoustic detectors can be used in pinpointing the fault location. However, this method may require the cable to be thumped for a lengthy period of time while walking the path of the cable and listening.  If a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) is incorporated into the test, along with a thumper, then when the arc occurs, the TDR will reflected the change to the impedance of the insulation at the location of the fault. This would be the Arc Reflection method and can significantly reduce the thumping time necessary to locate the fault.  It can be used to localize the fault and if necessary pinpointed using an acoustic fault detector.