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Understanding Current Transformers – Part II Characteristics

by Protec Tech Team May 28, 2019

When looking at the accuracy of a CT a number of factors need to be taken into consideration.  These factors will include:


The Vanguard VBT-60, VBT-80 and VBT-80P Vacuum Bottle Testers

by Protec Tech Team May 14, 2019

Vacuum interrupters offer several advantages over older arc extinguishing contact systems found in circuit breakers and other types of switch gear. Vacuum breakers have long mechanical and electrical operating life and excellent switching capabilities. These sealed bottles create an envelop of negative pressure that is not conducive to the formation or sustaining of electrical arcs when contacts operate under load.  Additionally, since the contacts are encased in a bottle, they are not exposed to the contaminants found in many of the environments where they are utilized. They are virtually maintenance-free and have operation counts from 5000 to 1000000 before they reach their end of life. However, even if they have long operating lives, vacuum bottles should be tested for defects to avoid problems in the electrical system. 


Vanguard Test Info: Why Use a DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter)?

by Protec Tech Team May 14, 2019

If you are reading this blog, it might be because it is time to break out a Micro-Ohmmeter to ensure the reliability of electrical connections throughout your electrical power system. The Vanguard Auto-Ohm is the ideal tool to use when evaluating the integrity of electrical bonds to power system equipment, as well as the contact resistance within the electrical equipment itself.  


Test Circuit Breaker Contact Response Time with Vanguard's CT Series of Circuit Breaker Timers

by Protec Tech Team April 04, 2019

Circuit breakers have a very critical purpose in an electrical system. They interrupt current if there is an overload in the main line. Their response should be very precise because a slow breaker may be too late to prevent damage in the electrical facility before it trips. A too sensitive and fast breaker may interrupt the current due to a harmless voltage spike. This can be a nuisance because you are always having to investigate the validity of the fault that tripped the breaker.


Fully Analyze Circuit Breakers with the Vanguard CT-8000 S3

by Protec Tech Team June 05, 2018

The Vanguard CT-8000 S3 Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer can fully analyze a circuit breaker's performance by measuring the main contact and resistor contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce back and contact wipes.

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The Vanguard CT-8000 S3 can perform dynamic-resistance tests using a 200-ampere, built-in, DC power supply. One channel is available for performing a dynamic contact resistance test. The resistance measuring range is from 1 micro-ohm to 1,999 micro-ohms.


To Test Delta or Wye Transformers Consider Renting a Vanguard TRM-403

by Protec Tech Team January 03, 2018

Transformer configuration designations like “Delta” and “Wye” originate from the way the windings are connected inside the transformer. These connections determine the way the transformer will perform, and they also determine the methods of calculation required for properly applying a given transformer.


Vanguard EZCT-2000C Plus CT Test Set Should be Part of Routine Testing

by Protec Tech Team December 07, 2017

Metering current transformers and the protective current transformers differs in roles and design, but require the same common current transformer testing practices to ensure their electrical condition, and that they are properly connected to the rest of the system.

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Protec Carries a Full Line of Vanguard Products for All Testing Needs

by Protec Tech Team October 23, 2017

The first Vanguard product was a computerized circuit breaker analyzer, which became the forerunner of an entire series of circuit breaker test equipment. Since then, the Vanguard product line has expanded to include microcomputer-based, precision micro-ohmmeters, single and three phase transformer winding turns ratio testers, transformer winding-resistance meters, mega-ohm resistance meters, and a variety of other electrical utility maintenance support products.


Perform Diagnostic Transformers Testing with Vanguard EZCT-2000C Plus

by Protec Tech Team May 23, 2017

Current transformers (CTs) are an important component of an electrical systems infrastructure.


Rent a Vanguard EZCT-2000C Plus for Reliable Current Transfomer Testing

by Protec Tech Team December 02, 2016

A Current transformer reduces high voltage currents to a lower value and allows for the safe monitoring of electrical current flow.


Rent Vanguard EZCT Current Transformer Test Sets from Protec

by Protec Tech Team August 09, 2016

Rugged and portable, the Vanguard EZCTs are microprocessor-based, current-transformer test sets with the ability to perform current transformer (CT) excitation, CT current-ratio, and winding polarity tests.


Rent Electrical Test and Measurement Equipment from Protec Today

by Protec Tech Team June 08, 2016

Each Protec office maintains a full complement of electrical test and measurement equipment. Offering equipment from all of the premiere manufacturers for rent, lease or purchase, Protec has the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done.

Whether you're in the market for a Micro-Ohmmeter like the AEMC 6250 10A Micro-Ohmmeter, offering output up to 10 Amps, this test set is uniquely designed to conduct tests on both resistive and inductive material, with operator selection directly from the front panel.


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