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Merlin Gerin ME Secondary Injection Test Set

by Protec Tech Team June 05, 2019

With the critical role of circuit breakers, it is very important to periodically verify that they are performing as designed and intended. Numerous electrical circuits can potentially be compromised if a circuit breaker fails to trip when fault conditions occur. As with any new product, we expect it to work properly right straight out of the box. The unfortunate truth is that this isn't always the case.  The same is true about circuit breakers.

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This is why their proper operation should be verified as an acceptance test.  Additionally, circuit breakers experience environmental, mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses over the course of their service. A well planned preventative maintenance program can help in avoiding unplanned downtime and service interruptions due to what is often an avoidable mis-operation. Additionally, early detection of performance concerns can save on the cost of equipment repair and/or replacement. 


Power Sensor Trip Unit Testing with the GE PST1-1 Secondary Injection Test Kit

by Protec Tech Team April 10, 2019

A secondary injection test is a method of verifying the electrical operational characteristics of a circuit breaker. While not specifically addressing components in the primary current path of a circuit breaker, secondary injection testing is used to verify operational settings and characteristics in the decision making portion of the circuit breaker (solid state trip device).  This type of electrical operational testing can be conducted without the need for large, high powered primary injection test equipment. Since this method of testing only uses low level signals that the trip device would normally see from current sensor secondaries, it can also be less time consuming and generally safer than performing primary injection testing.


Multi Relay Type Testing with the ISA-T1000 Secondary Injection Test Set

by Protec Tech Team February 01, 2019

If you maintain a power facility that has several kinds of protective relays, wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that can test most types of relays found in your system? This lets you save storage space and money on additional test equipment. If you are looking for a dependable relay tester, you might want to check out the ISA T-1000.


Merlin Gerin Secondary Injection Test Set

by Protec Tech Team January 16, 2019

Many circuit breakers are tested by use of secondary injection test equipment applied to the breaker’s trip unit. These specialty test sets check the trip function of the circuit breaker — in other words, whether the electronics in the breaker are functioning properly. When you have work requirements that involve testing and maintaining Merlin Gerin circuit breakers, the Merlin Gerin Secondary Injection Test Set is ideal for verifying the proper operation of the trip circuitry. Merlin Gerin is only one of several well-known brands in the Protec stable of test equipment rental.


Secondary Injection Test Sets from Square D by Schneider

by Protec Tech Team January 16, 2019

Regular testing and maintenance of circuit breakers and relays is essential when dealing with sophisticated electrical systems.


Try Cutler Hammer for Secondary Injection Test Kit

by Protec Tech Team January 11, 2019

For checking circuit breaker and protective relay systems, the secondary injection test set is an essential piece of electrical test equipment for companies to use. It differs from the standard primary injection testing method in that it does not require high current to be passed through the primary current path, but rather tests the breaker as a result of low level signals sent directly to the solid state trip device that controls the operation of the breaker.


The ABB SACE PRO10/T Secondary Injection Test Set

by Protec Tech Team November 15, 2018

Circuit breakers should be tested on regular intervals to mitigate the risk of failure. A faulty breaker can cause a lot of problems if a fault condition were to occur. It is a good idea to have reliable tools that can thoroughly test the circuit breakers to avoid problems in the electrical system. One of the tools that offers complete diagnostic features for secondary injection testing of circuit breakers is the ABB PR010/T Secondary Injection Test Set.


Test SACE Circuit Breakers with the ABB PRO 10/T Secondary Injection Test Kit

by Protec Tech Team July 25, 2018

Low voltage molded case circuit breakers like the microprocessor-based SACE are often installed as protection devices for motors in industrial and commercial facilities. It is important to regularly check the condition of these devices because of the critical role that they have in protecting the electrical circuits that they are tasked with monitoring.


What is a Secondary Injection Test Kit

by Protec Tech Team May 21, 2018

The protective devices that are used for the oversight and operational decision making in low voltage circuit breakers (LVCBs) are are often simply referred to as a Solid-State Trip device (SST).  They are essentially protective relays that are frequently an integrated part of a low voltage circuit breaker and monitor the primary current path of the circuit breaker.  In normal operation, these solid-state trip devices will sense changes in the primary current path and make the decision to open the circuit based on the magnitude and duration of the fluctuation. 



Choosing an ABB Secondary Injection Test Kit Suitable for Your Needs

by Protec Tech Team April 23, 2018

 Secondary injection testing is a diagnostic method of determining if a secondary protective device will respond as  expected in both normal and faulted conditions. This method of testing is conducted by injecting signals directly into the trip unit that controls that operation of the circuit breaker to which it is connected.

Since this type of operational testing is performed by injecting secondary signals into the device instead of using primary current levels, it is generally considered to be a safer method of verifying the proper operation of a circuit breaker. This method of testing can be performed on circuit breakers as a part of commissioning or preventive maintenance.


Rent the Siemens PTS-5 for Secondary Injection Testing of STIII

by Protec Tech Team April 05, 2018

Designed to perform secondary injection testing on the Static Trip III (STIII) overcurrent tripping system utilized on the RL breaker, the Siemens PTS-5 Secondary Injection Test Set, packaged in a self-contained case, contains a microprocessor controlled constant current source which enables rapid verification of the performance of the STIII.

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Directly enter the desired test current on the numeric keypad for easy test configuration, and the self-contained, automatically controlled digital timer allows simple verification of the time-current tripping characteristics. The Siemens PTS-5 also provides a regulated DC voltage to allow functional testing of the tripping actuator.


Rent Eaton Cutler Hammer 70C1056G52 to Test Digitrip Circuit Breakers

by Protec Tech Team March 06, 2018

Circuit breakers are used in homes, office buildings, and electric facilities. These instruments are prone to break down as they gather moisture, contaminants, and dirt while in use. If not maintained regularly, ciruit breakers insulation becomes weak as a result of the heat that is created due to arc interruption. Chemicals like hydrogen sulphide or chlorine can also be major factors in the damage and corrosion of insulation as well as metal components of circuit breakers.


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