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Protec Offers the Iris Power Stator Wedge Analyzer (SWA) for Rent

by Protec Tech Team August 13, 2018

When stator wedges are loose, this allows stator coils or bars to vibrate in the slot, leading to insulation abrasion and eventually a ground fault. Stator wedges are traditionally tested for tightness by tapping them with a hammer and listening to the sound produced. This method is slow and prone to inconsistency. Electronic evaluation of wedge tightness is faster, more accurate and provides more consistent results.Contact Us Now


Rent the SKF Baker PP30, Extend the Testing Voltage Range of AWA-IV/12

by Protec Tech Team July 16, 2018

When coupled with SKF (Baker) 12kV Static Motor Analyzer AWA-IV/12  , the SKF Baker PP30 Power Pack extends the insulation testing voltage range.  The PP30 is ideal for use in manufacturing, predictive maintenance, motor rewind and repair settings. 

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Rent the HV Diagnostics PD60-2 Partial Discharge Measurement System

by Protec Tech Team June 18, 2018

The PD60-2 is a portable two-piece partial discharge (PD) measurement and location system that interfaces to the following HV Diagnostics Test systems:


Selecting the Best Megger Time Domain Reflectometer that Meets Your Needs

by Protec Tech Team May 29, 2018

Time domain reflectometers are tools that can help make cable troubleshooting faster and easier. Instead of spending time and effort finding faults manually, these devices can localize the fault within seconds. These testers are especially valuable on cable installations that are several miles long. They are not only suitable for cable fault location in electrical systems but also in telecommunications, television and computer network facilities.


Doble's Single Phase Relay Test Sets

by Protec Tech Team May 15, 2018

Relays play a critical role in the protection of electrical power systems. They are used to monitor and control the operation of power system components.  For example, if a protective relay were to senses a fault condition, it could tell a circuit breaker or some other protective device to open and thereby isolate the faulted portion of the circuit.  


Questions About VLF Hipot Tests

by Protec Tech Team May 15, 2018

We find there are often plenty of questions from readers about the differences between VLF, AC and DC hipot testing methods. And of course, plenty of arguments surround whether DC testing should be performed or completely replaced by VLF testing. 


Performance Testing with DC and VLF Hipots

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2018

When it comes time to test substations or medium voltage insulation testing, both DC Hipot and VLF Hipot technologies are can be uniquely helpful in their applications. 


Understanding the Applications of VLF and DC Hipots

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2018

Hipot testing is a stress test to determine the reliability of insulators and helps identify bad components. There are different high potential testing technologies available and it is important to understand the proper use of each. Using the wrong method can degrade or even cause an electrical component to fail.


Proper Hipot Tests for Field-Aged and New Cables

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2018

High potential testing is conducted to determine if the cables can withstand  normal operating voltages as well as over voltage conditions. There are specific tests suitable for field-aged cables as well as for newly installed cables. It is important to conduct the appropriate test in order to obtain as much information regarding the electrical health of the insulation without imposing detrimental effects in the process. Improper testing can lead to unexpected expenses and delays.


What to Consider in DC Hipot Testing

by Protec Tech Team April 30, 2018

Ensuring electrical safety is a major aim of any electrical maintenance personnel. That is why when installing new cables, electrical testing should be carried out first. This testing is a quality control measure to ensure that only good cables will be used in the power facility.


Testing of Electromechanical Protective Relays

by Protec Tech Team April 17, 2018

Electromechanical Protective Relays are usually attached to medium voltage circuit breakers to detect abnormalities in the current flowing within the electrical system. 


When it Comes to Partial Discharge Testing, Protec Has What You Need

by Protec Tech Team April 05, 2018

Partial Discharge (PD) occurs when electrical discharges take place inside medium and high voltage insulation due to imperfections in the system (flaws, cracks, voids, irregularities).


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