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For Primary Injection Testing Rent the SMC Raptor C-05 From Protec

by Protec Tech Team July 03, 2019

The SMC Raptor C-05 Primary Injection Testing System is suitable for numerous test and measurement functions involving medium- to moderate current where the distance to the tested device is not a factor, as when testing MCBs or medium-sized MCCBs.


The Dranetz 314 Phase Angle Meter

by Protec Tech Team June 20, 2019

A Phase Angle Meter helps determine if metering, protective relaying devices and/or other power system apparatus are properly installed or configured.  Phase angle measurements can also be used in calculating other useful parameters such as power factor.


Understanding Current Transformers – Part I Introduction

by Protec Tech Team May 28, 2019

Current transformers are a commonly used device found in metering and protective relay applications for the electrical power industry.  The purpose of these devices is to scale large primary currents to a smaller, easy to measure, secondary current.  The device also isolates the measuring and recording instruments.  Current transformers (CT) together with voltage transformers (VT) or potential transformers (PT) are known as instrument transformers.


What Is the Advantage of VLF Hipot Testing?

by Protec Tech Team May 20, 2019

 VLF hipot —very low frequency hipot — is an AC high potential instrument used for testing the dielectric strength of insulating materials at 0.1 Hz or lower. Instead of having to perform DC testing because high potential test equipment that operates at power system frequency are large, heavy and therefore not very portable, VLF high potential testing  makes testing cables and electrical apparatus in the field more practical and economical. 


The Vanguard VBT-60, VBT-80 and VBT-80P Vacuum Bottle Testers

by Protec Tech Team May 14, 2019

Vacuum interrupters offer several advantages over older arc extinguishing contact systems found in circuit breakers and other types of switch gear. Vacuum breakers have long mechanical and electrical operating life and excellent switching capabilities. These sealed bottles create an envelop of negative pressure that is not conducive to the formation or sustaining of electrical arcs when contacts operate under load.  Additionally, since the contacts are encased in a bottle, they are not exposed to the contaminants found in many of the environments where they are utilized. They are virtually maintenance-free and have operation counts from 5000 to 1000000 before they reach their end of life. However, even if they have long operating lives, vacuum bottles should be tested for defects to avoid problems in the electrical system. 


Power Sensor Trip Unit Testing with the GE PST1-1 Secondary Injection Test Kit

by Protec Tech Team April 10, 2019

A secondary injection test is a method of verifying the electrical operational characteristics of a circuit breaker. While not specifically addressing components in the primary current path of a circuit breaker, secondary injection testing is used to verify operational settings and characteristics in the decision making portion of the circuit breaker (solid state trip device).  This type of electrical operational testing can be conducted without the need for large, high powered primary injection test equipment. Since this method of testing only uses low level signals that the trip device would normally see from current sensor secondaries, it can also be less time consuming and generally safer than performing primary injection testing.


Advantages of TDR Compared to Thumping in Underground Cable Troubleshooting

by Protec Tech Team April 10, 2019

Common methods of finding faults in direct buried cables is arc reflection or simply thumping. Thumping is a method that is performed by discharging a large amount of energy into a cable. This electrical energy will seek to arc across the path of least resistance to ground, which in this case would be the electrical insulating material that separates the center conductor from the outer shield, or concentric neutral.  When that arc occurs it often makes an audible thumping sound in the vicinity of the arc. If thumping is being performed where there is high ambient noise, or for some reason cannot be heard, directional acoustic detectors can be used in pinpointing the fault location. However, this method may require the cable to be thumped for a lengthy period of time while walking the path of the cable and listening.  If a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) is incorporated into the test, along with a thumper, then when the arc occurs, the TDR will reflected the change to the impedance of the insulation at the location of the fault. This would be the Arc Reflection method and can significantly reduce the thumping time necessary to locate the fault.  It can be used to localize the fault and if necessary pinpointed using an acoustic fault detector.


Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro Series 2 OTDR Rental Options From Protec

by Protec Tech Team April 04, 2019

The Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro Series 2 is an OTDR designed to make every level of user more efficient whether working in data centers, outside plant, FTTx or PON applications.

Users can set up and shoot traces in no time by using the Auto OTDR function which analyzes the fiber under test and then chooses appropriate settings. The EventMap feature analyzes traces like an expert, calculating overall loss and reflectance, indicating events such as splices, splitters bends and connectors.


Rent the Omicron ARCO 400, a Universal Test Set for Recloser Controls

by Protec Tech Team March 28, 2019

The Omicron ARCO 400 drastically simplifies recloser control testing, and offers a new way of testing that covers all of the circumstances in the field, no matter which type of recloser control that needs to be tested or which type of controller function needs to be verified. 

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When it Comes to Electrical Test Equipment, Protec Works Hard for You

by Protec Tech Team March 18, 2019

Whether you're looking to rent or purchase equipment, or if you just have a question regarding a specific test requirement, Protec's knowledgeable staff is here to help.


Protec Connect - The Only App You Need for Electrical Test Equipment

by Protec Tech Team March 18, 2019

Introducing Protec Connect

Renting electrical test and measurement equipment just got a whole lot easier.


Megger and Doble – The Best Electrical Test Equipment

by Protec Tech Team March 07, 2019

Electrical test equipment rental is very common these days. There are many companies that give you different kinds of testing devices at reasonable rates. Devices like oscilloscopes, network analyzers, function generators, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, and telecommunication test equipment are readily available for rental or lease. But the problem is, which one should you rent? For this, you need to analyze your needs and understand your requirements. Two major companies in the electrical testing industry are Megger and Doble.


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