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Test High Capacitance Components with the Doble Type C Resonating Inductor

by Protec Tech Team October 03, 2018

Capacitance and Dissipation Factor (C&DF) test equipment can sometimes be limited by their power supply when testing highly capacitive objects.  An example of power system apparatus that might fall into this category would include large motors, generators or  cabling.  Test specimens that have a characteristically higher capacitance value will sometimes achieve a maximum output current from the test equipment at less than the desired test voltage.  By appropriately positioning a resonating inductor that is adjusted to resonate with the capacitance of the test object, the range of charging current from the test equipment can effectively be extended to accommodate testing of more capacitive test objects.


Rent the Iris Power RIV800 for Rotor-in-Place Generator Inspection

by Protec Tech Team September 13, 2018

The magnetically supported Iris Power RIV800 Robotic Camera Inspection Vehicle has been developed to provide an automated scanning method for the ELCID stator core interlaminar insulation test equipment.

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The Vehicle allows scanning of the stator core of a generator or large motor, in order to test the integrity of the stator lamination insulation more efficiently. The equipment can also be adapted to carry other lightweight attachments for stator inspection including the mini-camera or wedge tightness probe. A single control unit is used to provide power and control to the vehicle and camera module.


The Advantages of VLF Hipot Testing of Cables

by Protec Tech Team September 07, 2018

Engineers prefer to test electric cables using very low frequency or VLF Hipot testing because of its safety and simplicity. This diagnostic test checks if the cable is still capable of withstanding the electricity passing through it. A test voltage of slightly higher than the cable's rating is applied and held for a specified time depending on the purpose for which the test is being performed. If the cable is bad, the defects in the cable will further deteriorate to the point of failure.


Cooper KMET45811 and DC NOVA MET Adaptors Offered for Rent from Protec

by Protec Tech Team August 29, 2018

Cooper Power Systems KMET45811 Triple / Single Adaptor

The KMET45811 allows the Cooper Power Systems Type MET Electronic Recloser Control Tester to be utilized for testing Triple/Single Recloser Controls.

With Amphenol plugs to simplify connections, the KMET45811 provides visual open/close indication independently per phase.


Protec Adds Phenix 6CP100/50-10 AC Dielectric Test Set to Rental Stock

by Protec Tech Team August 20, 2018

The Phenix Technologies 6CP100/50-10 AC Dielectric Test Set is a portable, rugged AC high voltage test set ideally suited for use in the field or in the laboratory. The 6CP100 offers a complete test system in a mobile package and utilizes a combination control and regulator enclosure and a separate high voltage section.

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The system is equipped with advanced digital metering, and control and protection devices which are easy to use and provide all the necessary information to safely operate the system.


Rent the HV Diagnostics HVA45TD VLF DC High Voltage Test Set Today

by Protec Tech Team August 20, 2018

The HV Diagnostics HVA45TD VLF High Voltage Test Instrument is a universal high voltage diagnostic testing system that features 45kV peak output and integrated Tan Delta (TD).

Fully compliant with the IEEE400.2, IEC 60502, CENELEC HD620/621 guides and standards, and at only 86 lbs/39kbs the HVA45TD is very portable, housed in a rugged IP67 case. With a high-test capacity of 10uF, there are very few loads or cables this test set cannot test.


Protec Offers the Iris Power Stator Wedge Analyzer (SWA) for Rent

by Protec Tech Team August 13, 2018

When stator wedges are loose, this allows stator coils or bars to vibrate in the slot, leading to insulation abrasion and eventually a ground fault. Stator wedges are traditionally tested for tightness by tapping them with a hammer and listening to the sound produced. This method is slow and prone to inconsistency. Electronic evaluation of wedge tightness is faster, more accurate and provides more consistent results.Contact Us Now


Rent the SKF Baker PP30, Extend the Testing Voltage Range of AWA-IV/12

by Protec Tech Team July 16, 2018

When coupled with SKF (Baker) 12kV Static Motor Analyzer AWA-IV/12  , the SKF Baker PP30 Power Pack extends the insulation testing voltage range.  The PP30 is ideal for use in manufacturing, predictive maintenance, motor rewind and repair settings. 

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Rent the HV Diagnostics PD60-2 Partial Discharge Measurement System

by Protec Tech Team June 18, 2018

The PD60-2 is a portable two-piece partial discharge (PD) measurement and location system that interfaces to the following HV Diagnostics Test systems:


Selecting the Best Megger Time Domain Reflectometer that Meets Your Needs

by Protec Tech Team May 29, 2018

Time domain reflectometers are tools that can help make cable troubleshooting faster and easier. Instead of spending time and effort finding faults manually, these devices can localize the fault within seconds. These testers are especially valuable on cable installations that are several miles long. They are not only suitable for cable fault location in electrical systems but also in telecommunications, television and computer network facilities.


Doble's Single Phase Relay Test Sets

by Protec Tech Team May 15, 2018

Relays play a critical role in the protection of electrical power systems. They are used to monitor and control the operation of power system components.  For example, if a protective relay were to senses a fault condition, it could tell a circuit breaker or some other protective device to open and thereby isolate the faulted portion of the circuit.  


Questions About VLF Hipot Tests

by Protec Tech Team May 15, 2018

We find there are often plenty of questions from readers about the differences between VLF, AC and DC hipot testing methods. And of course, plenty of arguments surround whether DC testing should be performed or completely replaced by VLF testing. 


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