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Periodic Testing with Doble F6150 Ensures Relays Continue to Perform

by Protec Tech Team February 06, 2018

Doble F6150 Relay Testing SystemThe function of a protective relay is to detect abnormal power system conditions and initiate appropriate actions, such as the tripping of a circuit breaker. 

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Consider Megger MRCT Rental for Relay, Current Transformer Testing

by Protec Tech Team March 15, 2017

The Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Tester is a portable unit used to perform demagnetization, ratio, saturation, winding resistance, polarity, phase deviation, and insulation tests on current transformers, and automatically calculates ratio errors, saturation curves, and knee points.

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Upgraded to include additional functionality, further enhancing instrument transformer testing capabilities including:


Rent the Omicron CMC 356 for High Amp Power Protection Relay Testing

by Protec Tech Team December 16, 2016

High amp power is what’s needed in a relay test set for proper testing of protection relays. The Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool can handle high burden electro mechanics on transformers reliably, and its digital technology provides an unmatched dependability even in small amp testing situations.Contact Us Now


Rent the Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer from Protec

by Protec Tech Team May 17, 2016

The Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer is a compact, IRIG-B time protocol converter for precise time synchronization in accordance with industry and security standards. With the F6051, interior time stamping is possible. 


Doble F6150 Offers Exceptional Relay Test Flexibility

by Protec Tech Team April 08, 2016

The testing of high impedance electromechanical relays is a challenge for any test instrument. This is especially true if an over-current electromechanical relay is being used to detect ground or earth faults, one of the most critical and sensitive protections in the system. The ground over-current relays are relied on the most when everything else fails to detect a high resistance fault in the system, therefore it is vital to ensure that the ground over current relays are working correctly.


Rent the Doble F6150 for Safe and Reliable Relay Testing

by Protec Tech Team March 07, 2016

Used for testing protection relays and schemes, the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is capable of performing simple through the most complex tests. The F6150 also allows for comprehensive testing using just a single test unit, without having to carry multiple tools in the field.

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Doble F6150 Relay Testing System Packed with Features and Benefits

by Protec Tech Team February 22, 2016

Conventional steady-state tests sets are only capable of testing each component of the system individually, therefore it becomes very difficult to predict the behavior of the entire system when subjected to true power system events. This results in performance uncertainties and could be the cause of misoperations.


Doble F6150 Family of Relay Test Systems are Packed Features

by Protec Tech Team January 27, 2016

Performing diagnostic tests on relays usually requires accurate test sets to ensure their safety. A false "pass" result can lead to serious problems in your electrical system. It is wise to rent a high quality test set to ensure reliable test results.


Omicron CMC 356 for Primary Injection Testing of CTs, VTs or Relays

by Protec Tech Team November 16, 2015

For primary injection testing of current transformers, VTs or differing types of relays, the Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the high powered, versatile solution.


Rent the Doble F6150 For Ground Fault or Microprocessor Relay Testing

by Protec Tech Team November 09, 2015

Protective relays are designed to be responsive to an abnormal current or power flow. They are used in combination with medium voltage circuit breaker (above 600 volts) to sense abnormalities and isolate disturbances, with minimum disruption to the electrical system, preventing damage to the equipment. 


Rent the Megger SMRT410 Multi-phase Relay Tester Today from Protec

by Protec Tech Team October 02, 2015

The Megger SMRT410 Multi-phase Relay Tester has the “smart” combination of high compliance voltage and high current output to test all electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including; voltage controlled, voltage restraint and high impedance directional ground overcurrent.

The Megger SMRT410 Multi-phase Relay Tester provides a complete multi-phase test system for commissioning of protection systems. With up to 4 voltage channels and 6 high current channels, the SMRT410 meets every testing need.


Measure Electromagnetic Earth Fault Relays with the Doble F6150

by Protec Tech Team August 31, 2015

The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System can be used to measure the majority of relays.

And while it is capable of measuring high-burden electromagnetic earth fault relay, it is also sophisticated enough to complete advanced multi-functional numerical microprocessor protection schemes. It can do that without any additional devices, making the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System very popular for relay testing.


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