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Control your F2000 Series Relay Test Set with a Doble F2010 Minicontroller

by Protec Tech Team June 20, 2019

relay test set is generally heavy and large because it needs to produce large currents to be able to simulate the operating conditions of relays. It would be easier to test relays if you could move around without carrying the whole test system.


Three Phase Relay Diagnostics with the Megger MPRT 8430 Relay Tester

by Protec Tech Team March 07, 2019

Relays undergo electrical and mechanical stress during operation. This can result in the premature deterioration of the relay system. It is a good idea to always check if the relays are working properly. Additionally, acceptance testing allows verification of the programmed characteristics of the relay. This lets you correct operational deficiencies or programming errors prior to it becoming an issue.


Doble F6150, a Complete Solution for Problems Related to Protection Relays and Schemes

by Protec Tech Team February 06, 2019

Full simulation tests can be run on protection schemes and relays very efficiently with the help of a Doble F6150 Relay Testing System.It comes with high power, sophisticated software, and great flexibility that allow for the testing of all sorts of protection schemes.  The capabilities of theDoble F6150 range from testing relays ranging from relatively simple electro-mechanical relays to the more modern and complex microprocessor based relays. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is a complete solution for any problem related to protection relays and schemes, requiring no additional instruments.


Multi Relay Type Testing with the ISA-T1000 Secondary Injection Test Set

by Protec Tech Team February 01, 2019

If you maintain a power facility that has several kinds of protective relays, wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that can test most types of relays found in your system? This lets you save storage space and money on additional test equipment. If you are looking for a dependable relay tester, you might want to check out the ISA T-1000.


The High Powered Omicron CMC 356 Relay Test Set is Available for Rent From Protec

by Protec Tech Team January 02, 2019

With the critical role that protective relays play in arresting and isolating electrical faults, it is extremely important to know that they are operating in concert with their design and intent. The unplanned downtime and damages associated with the mis-operation of protective devices during fault conditions can be incredibly detrimental.  Regular maintenance testing allows the discovery and resolution of such issues before they are able to escalate into very costly problems.


The Versatile and High Power Omicron CMC 356 Relay Tester

by Protec Tech Team September 26, 2018

Some of the more common misoperations of electro-mechanical relays can be attributed to welded contacts or open circuited operating coils. While these type issues may initially appear to be small and inconsequential, if not detected early, the impacts can seriously affect the protection and reliability of electrical distribution. The failure of protective relays to operate in actual fault conditions can be extremely dangerous to the electrical system itself and more those who work near the affected circuit. 


Universal Relay Test Set Solutions with Omicron CMC356

by Protec Tech Team September 25, 2018

When it comes to the testing of protective relays, the Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool offers high powered solutions to engineers needing versatile equipment that can test multiple generations of differing types of relays. 


Testing Relays Using the Doble F2253 Relay Test Set

by Protec Tech Team July 05, 2018

Protective Relays could be characterized as circuit managers with varying degrees of supervisory and control capabilities depending on the complexity and criticality of the circuit.  They are designed to recognize abnormal or fault conditions, and to isolate the affected portion or the electrical system.  Not only does this allow the unfaulted portion of the electrical system to continue to function normally, but it diminishes the impact of the faulted portion of the system.  Changes to power system circuits and the coordination of protective devices can change due to age, loading, environmental impacts, new construction, etc. It is therefore critical that these devices function properly and are appropriately coordinated when they are called into action.


The F2000 Series Doble Relay Test Sets

by Protec Tech Team June 25, 2018

Relays are often utilized in electrical facilities as isolated switches or protective devices for various electrical equipment. Due to the mechanical operation of relays, the contacts are prone to contact degradation, so it is important to regularly test for the electromechanical, electronic and protection schemes to ensure safe and reliable operation, and to avoid a faulty relay system acting up during critical operations. To assess relays and protections schemes, consider investing in a relay test set or a power system simulator.


When Testing Differential Protection Relays Trust the Omicron CMC 356

by Protec Tech Team May 07, 2018

Relays take abuse during normal operation, so it is important to always check their condition. Regular checkups will negate problems before they worsen, or even start.


The Importance of Protective Relay Testing

by Protec Tech Team May 07, 2018

The Doble F6150e Relay Testing System offers the ability to perform in both;


Testing of Electromechanical Protective Relays

by Protec Tech Team April 17, 2018

Electromechanical Protective Relays are usually attached to medium voltage circuit breakers to detect abnormalities in the current flowing within the electrical system. 


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