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Megger and Doble Power Factor Test Equipment

by Protec Tech Team January 02, 2019

Finding the right diagnostic test to maintain and protect electrical equipment means using the best manufacturer’s equipment to get the right product for the job. When it comes to the power factor test, two makers stand out with reliable and accurate equipment that users can count on to perform optimally every time.


Rent the Megger SMRT46 Multi-Phase Relay Test System from Protec Today

by Protec Tech Team November 16, 2018

The Megger SMRT46 Multi-Phase Relay Test System is a multipurpose, light-weight, field portable test set capable of testing a wide variety of electro-mechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based protective relays, motor overload relays and similar protective devices.

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Testing Insulation Resistance Using Megger Test Equipment

by Protec Tech Team November 14, 2018

Insulation plays a very important role in an electrical system. Without electrical insulation, the electricity flowing in the conductors is exposed to short circuit to other conductors or create the risk of electrocution to personnel. It is important to always check the integrity of insulation to ensure the safety and reliability.


What's the Purpose of Low Resistance Testing With the Megger DLRO 600?

by Protec Tech Team October 29, 2018

What's the purpose of Low Resistance testing?


Breaking Down a Cable Fault with Capacitive Discharge (“Thumping”)

by Protec Tech Team October 24, 2018

The capacitor discharge technique is performed with a surge generator, nicknamed “thumper.”  This device converts line power into high voltage, unidirectional, impulses that are transmitted into a faulted power cable. A simplified circuit of a surge generator connected to a faulted cable is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.


Can Using a Megger Meter be Destructive?

by Protec Tech Team July 16, 2018

Megger (insulation resistance tester) is a type of electrical test equipment used to verify the effectiveness of insulation to act as a barrier between energized conductors, or between energized conductors and ground. It is critical to the reliability of the electrical power system that there is a way to know when insulation has been damaged or compromised in any way.

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Choose the Megger Insulation Tester That is Right for You

by Protec Tech Team July 10, 2018

Contact Us NowTesting electrical insulation can be quick and easy when using test equipment specifically designed to perform insulation resistance measurements. A good insulator should have a very high resistance to current flow.  Factors such as temperature, electrical and mechanical stresses, weather and moisture ingress are all capable of adversely impacting the characteristic qualities of materials that make them such good insulators. The degradation of these materials over time can result in unplanned outages, safety concerns for personnel and an overall degradation of power system reliability.  


Avoid Dangerous Accidents by Conducting a Megger Insulation Test

by Protec Tech Team July 10, 2018

An insulation resistance test is conducted to examine the effectiveness of insulation in a variety of electrical power system apparatus. Faulty electrical insulation is the source of dangerous shock hazards and can often cause ancillary damage to adjacent equipment as well. Routine electrical testing and maintenance can help to identify when insulation has deteriated before it reaches the point of failure, saving the expense of repairs and unplanned outages. 


How a DLRO Works

by Protec Tech Team June 25, 2018

A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter or DLRO is used to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, welded joints, terminal connections and other bonded surfaces. The resistance measurements are sensitive enough to detect very small changes in test samples.  For example, they provide users with the ability to identify loose connections, corrosion or the presence of other contaminants. 


Selecting the Best Megger Time Domain Reflectometer that Meets Your Needs

by Protec Tech Team May 29, 2018

Time domain reflectometers are tools that can help make cable troubleshooting faster and easier. Instead of spending time and effort finding faults manually, these devices can localize the fault within seconds. These testers are especially valuable on cable installations that are several miles long. They are not only suitable for cable fault location in electrical systems but also in telecommunications, television and computer network facilities.


Rent the Megger SG32-1500M Power Cable Fault Locator from Protec

by Protec Tech Team May 21, 2018

The Megger SG32-1500M Power Cable Fault Locator is a portable cable fault location and high voltage test system designed to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe fault location, thereby reducing system outages and time lost.

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The Megger SG32-1500M is housed in a rugged yet portable enclosure, which makes it suitable for use in and outdoor conditions.


2 and 3 Point Ground Resistance Meters from Megger

by Protec Tech Team April 17, 2018

With the advancement in ground resistance measurement technologies, much of the test equipment currently available for this purpose now provide the convenience of Clamp-On technologies that are in some applications preferable to the traditional 2-3 point testing methods. These clamp-on ground resistance meters provide the potential to save valuable time and effort by inducing a current into the ground through electromagnetic coupling. The jaws then sense the voltage drop around the loop and automatically calculate the ground resistance using Ohm's Law.


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