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What Is the Advantage of VLF Hipot Testing?

by Protec Tech Team May 20, 2019

 VLF hipot —very low frequency hipot — is an AC high potential instrument used for testing the dielectric strength of insulating materials at 0.1 Hz or lower. Instead of having to perform DC testing because high potential test equipment that operates at power system frequency are large, heavy and therefore not very portable, VLF high potential testing  makes testing cables and electrical apparatus in the field more practical and economical. 


The Test Equipment You Need for Cable Preventive Maintenance

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2019

Cables are exposed to the elements like moisture, dirt and other contaminants. They are also subjected to mechanical and electrical stress during operation. This is the importance of regular testing of cables. Predictive maintenance often employs diagnostic type tests which will provide the test data necessary to prioritize the replacement of those cables before they become faulted and the source of unscheduled down time.


The Advantages of VLF Hipot Testing of Cables

by Protec Tech Team September 07, 2018

Engineers prefer to test electric cables using very low frequency or VLF Hipot testing because of its safety and simplicity. This diagnostic test checks if the cable is still capable of withstanding the electricity passing through it. A test voltage of slightly higher than the cable's rating is applied and held for a specified time depending on the purpose for which the test is being performed. If the cable is bad, the defects in the cable will further deteriorate to the point of failure.


Rent the HV Diagnostics HVA45TD VLF DC High Voltage Test Set Today

by Protec Tech Team August 20, 2018

The HV Diagnostics HVA45TD VLF High Voltage Test Instrument is a universal high voltage diagnostic testing system that features 45kV peak output and integrated Tan Delta (TD).

Fully compliant with the IEEE400.2, IEC 60502, CENELEC HD620/621 guides and standards, and at only 86 lbs/39kbs the HVA45TD is very portable, housed in a rugged IP67 case. With a high-test capacity of 10uF, there are very few loads or cables this test set cannot test.


Does AC and DC Hipot Testing Cause Damage?

by Protec Tech Team June 18, 2018

Hipot testing is primarily performed to make sure that high voltage insulation will hold up during service. Many equipment and plant owners share concerns regarding the possibility for causing damage or premature deterioration of insulation by performing hipot testing on their assets.


Questions About VLF Hipot Tests

by Protec Tech Team May 15, 2018

We find there are often plenty of questions from readers about the differences between VLF, AC and DC hipot testing methods. And of course, plenty of arguments surround whether DC testing should be performed or completely replaced by VLF testing. 


Performance Testing with DC and VLF Hipots

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2018

When it comes time to test substations or medium voltage insulation testing, both DC Hipot and VLF Hipot technologies are can be uniquely helpful in their applications. 


Understanding the Applications of VLF and DC Hipots

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2018

Hipot testing is a stress test to determine the reliability of insulators and helps identify bad components. There are different high potential testing technologies available and it is important to understand the proper use of each. Using the wrong method can degrade or even cause an electrical component to fail.


Proper Hipot Tests for Field-Aged and New Cables

by Protec Tech Team May 01, 2018

High potential testing is conducted to determine if the cables can withstand  normal operating voltages as well as over voltage conditions. There are specific tests suitable for field-aged cables as well as for newly installed cables. It is important to conduct the appropriate test in order to obtain as much information regarding the electrical health of the insulation without imposing detrimental effects in the process. Improper testing can lead to unexpected expenses and delays.


What to Consider in DC Hipot Testing

by Protec Tech Team April 30, 2018

Ensuring electrical safety is a major aim of any electrical maintenance personnel. That is why when installing new cables, electrical testing should be carried out first. This testing is a quality control measure to ensure that only good cables will be used in the power facility.


Rent the High Voltage VLF-65E for Safe and Reliable for Testing

by Protec Tech Team November 17, 2017

It is always recommended that electrical equipment be checked for problems even if it seems to be working fine, as electrical stress, normal weathering and contaminants can cause insulators to lose resistivity.


AC Hipots and VLF AC Hipots Part of Protec's Rental Equipment Catalog

by Protec Tech Team July 06, 2017

Offered in either power frequency (50/60 Hz) or Very Low Frequency (VLF) models, AC hipots are capable of testing multiple types of substation apparatus, such as; motors/generators, isophase bus, and other loads requiring an AC withstand test.


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