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2 and 3 Point Ground Resistance Meters from Megger

by Protec Tech Team April 17, 2018

With the advancement in ground resistance measurement technologies, much of the test equipment currently available for this purpose now provide the convenience of Clamp-On technologies that are in some applications preferable to the traditional 2-3 point testing methods. These clamp-on ground resistance meters provide the potential to save valuable time and effort by inducing a current into the ground through electromagnetic coupling. The jaws then sense the voltage drop around the loop and automatically calculate the ground resistance using Ohm's Law.


The Megger (BGL) Simplifies the Tracking of Ground Faults

by Protec Tech Team March 13, 2018

To simplify the tracking of ground faults on floating dc-powered control systems, rent the Megger Battery Ground Fault Locator (BGL) from Protec. 


For Maintenance, Troubleshooting Rent Megger Ground Resistance Testers

by Protec Tech Team October 12, 2017

Measuring ground resistance is necessary to check for the efficiency of electrical ground connections.


Omicron CP CU1 Multifunctional Coupling Unit for the CPC 100

by Protec Tech Team January 06, 2017

Used with the CPC 100, the Omicron CP CU1 Multifunctional Coupling Unit measures line impedances and k-factors on overhead lines and power cables.

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Ground impedances can also be determined on large systems with the CP CU1, as well as touch and step voltages.


Rent the Fluke 1625-2, Perform Four Types of Earth Ground Measurement

by Protec Tech Team November 22, 2016

The Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester can perform all four types of earth ground measurement:

  • 3-and 4-pole Fall-of-Potential (using stakes)
  • 4-pole soil resistivity testing (using stakes)
  • Selective testing (using 1 clamp and stakes)
  • Stakeless testing (using 2 clamps only)Contact Us Now

The Fluke 1625-2 offer such as advanced features as:


Rent the AEMC 6416 to Measure Ground Electrode System Resistance

by Protec Tech Team September 26, 2016

When verifying grounding resistance, a clamp-on tester makes it simple by simply clamping the sensor around the connection at the ground rod, and reading the resistance on the display of the instrument.


Rent AEMC 6416 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester for Easy Diagnostics

by Protec Tech Team August 16, 2016

Performing resistance measurement of a grounding system ensures that the grounding rod has good contact with the earth. The resistance of the grounding system to the earth may be affected by several factors like dry ground, partially uprooted stake, corroded connections and broken ground leads. 


Protec Offers a Full Line a Megger DET Ground Resistance Test Sets

by Protec Tech Team August 03, 2016

When it comes to Ground Testers, Protec Equipment Resources offers a full line of Megger Test Sets to help in the maintenance and troubleshooting of ground connections. The DET family of ground testers offers a comprehensive testing solution for ground rod and soil resistivity diagnostics.


Protec Offers a Large Inventory of Ground Resistance Testers for Rent

by Protec Tech Team June 08, 2016

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to measure ground resistance, a clamp-on tester might be answer. This type of ground resistance meter measures resistance through a set of jaws. The jaws contain sensors which accurately measure ground resistance.


Test Ground Resistance and Bonding with the AEMC 6416

by Protec Tech Team May 26, 2016

It's possible to eliminate many power quality problems with proper wiring, good grounds, and the bonding to the ground system. Testing grounds and bonding should always be part of any power quality troubleshooting strategy, and one effective method is to use a clamp-on ground tester.


Rent Megger Ground Resistance Measurement Equipment from Protec

by Protec Tech Team April 26, 2016

A ground is a crucial part of an electrical system, as it routes electrical current to the earth and helps reduce the risk of electrical shock to personnel. The grounding system also routes unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) induced in the electrical system to ensure a stable facility.


Specifications for the AEMC 6416 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester

by Protec Tech Team April 13, 2016

Clamp-on ground resistance testers can be used in multi-grounded systems without disconnecting or de-energizing the ground system under test. The AEMC 6416 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester clamps around the grounding electrode or conductor and measures the resistance to ground.

By performing measurements on intact ground systems, the user also verifies the quality of the grounding connections and bonds. Resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings may also be measured.


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