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For Advanced Motor and Drive Troubleshooting Rent the Fluke 1587/MDT FC

by Protec Tech Team September 26, 2016

With the Fluke 1587/MDT FC Advanced Motor and Drive Troubleshooting Kit perform insulation tests, plus a wide-range of DMM tasks with confidence and ease. The kit also allows for the accurate measurement of AC current without breaking the circuit and checking the rotation of three-phase motors easily and safely.

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Detect Power Quality Issues with the Fluke 1735

by Protec Tech Team September 07, 2016

External events, such as lightning strikes can impact power quality but other causes such as the starting and stopping of heavy equipment, circuit overloads, or improper wiring can lead to issues


Rent the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter for Waveform Analysis and More

by Protec Tech Team August 03, 2016

Oscilloscopes are essential tools when it is necessary to measure and view electrical waveforms, or relieve oscillations caused by regenerative feedback in electronic circuits.


Measure Electrical Parameters with the Fluke 789 ProcessMeter

by Protec Tech Team July 18, 2016

A handheld, battery-operated tool for measuring electrical parameters, supplying steady or ramping current to test process instruments, the Fluke 789 ProcessMeter provides a > 24 V loop power supply. It has all the features of a digital multimeter, plus current output capability.

As with the Fluke 787 ProcessMeter the 789 also features a DMM design to meet 1000 volt IEC 1010 CAT III standards. The 789 ProcessMeter provides a precision 1000 V, 440 mA True-rms digital multimeter, frequency measurement to 20 kHz, simultaneous mA and % of scale readout, and 20 mA dc current source / loop calibrator / simulator.


Rent the Fluke 1587/MDT FC Troubleshooting Kit from Protec Today

by Protec Tech Team June 21, 2016

The Fluke 1587/MDT FC Advanced Motor and Drive Troubleshooting Kit includes a Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter FC 2-in-1 Insulation DMM, Fluke i400 Current Clamp, and a Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator.

The Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter features four diagnostic functions through the Fluke Connect Measurements application:


Rent Fluke Power Quality Test Equipment from Protec

by Protec Tech Team June 02, 2016

Power quality test equipment is used to indicate of how efficiently a system can support reliable working of all its loads. A power event or disturbance may involve frequency, current or voltage. These power disturbances can occur in consumer loads, consumer power systems, or in the utility department.


Conduct Energy Studies with the Fluke 1735

by Protec Tech Team May 03, 2016

The Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger is perfect for applications such as:


Functions of the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester

by Protec Tech Team March 07, 2016

The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester is a highly advanced tool for mechanical maintenance specialists who need answers to their electrical problems quickly.

This diagnostic technology helps you identify and prioritize mechanical issues before they can advance any further.


Fluke 1750 a Top-Notch Power Quality Recorder and Analyzer

by Protec Tech Team February 22, 2016

The Fluke 1750 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer is the ideal instrument for power quality recording and analysis. This devices can measure and determine the kind and the magnitude of distortion in an electrical system. It also allows recording of power events for trending analysis.

Equipped with the Fluke Power Analyzer Software, this instrument records even the slightest of disturbances. Its state of the art LED display, which starts automatically once data recording begins, does away with any kind of uncertainty. This is what makes it highly accurate.


Fluke 1735 - Discovering Energy Problems Before More Occur

by Protec Tech Team February 22, 2016

 The Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Logger is the ideal power meter for conducting energy studies while learning to save energy in the process. The Fluke 1735 Power Logger is able to process Meter, Harmonics, and Power Modes.

The Power Logger also has the ability to measure for hours or up to 45 days at a time.


Safely Measure from mV to kV with the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter

by Protec Tech Team January 29, 2016

Be prepared for anything from micro-electronics to heavy duty medium voltage electrical applications with the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test Tool as it offers a wide application range from mV to kV. The Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter’s independent isolated inputs eliminate the risk of accidental ground short circuits by allowing you to make measurements in mixed circuits with separate ground references.


Specifications for the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester

by Protec Tech Team January 21, 2016

The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester uses a simple step-by-step process to report on machine faults. The first time measurements are taken without prior measurement history. The diagnostic technology analyzes your machinery and provides text-based diagnoses, severity levels and possible repair recommendations.



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