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The Importance of a Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

by Protec Tech Team October 31, 2018

Low resistance measurements are a valuable part of electrical system reliability. This type of testing helps to identify high impedance electrical connections that can result in excess heating, losses and potentially failure of power system components. 


How a DLRO Works

by Protec Tech Team June 25, 2018

A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter or DLRO is used to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, welded joints, terminal connections and other bonded surfaces. The resistance measurements are sensitive enough to detect very small changes in test samples.  For example, they provide users with the ability to identify loose connections, corrosion or the presence of other contaminants. 


Detect Problems with Electrical Connections using a DLRO

by Protec Tech Team April 30, 2018

The resistance of an electrical connection increases over time due to temperature, cycling, and other environmental stresses. The degradation of these connections can result in excessive losses due to heating and operability issues . Periodic testing of contact resistance and/or other electrical bonds can help to identify changes in the condition of contacts and other electrical connections.


Why Circuit Breaker Testing is Important

by Protec Tech Team April 23, 2018

Circuit breakers are important devices that interrupt current when an electrical fault occurs. If they fail to operate properly during a fault condition, the electrical system can be at risk of being damaged.   Additionally, the mis-operation of such a device can lead to costly impacts associated with the interruption of electrical service.  Technicians should regularly test for potential problems so the circuit breakers can be verified to operate according to their intended design.  Regular maintenance practices provide the opportunity to identify and correct operational issues and ensure power system reliability.


For Accurate Low Resistance Measurement Rent the Megger DLRO10HD

by Protec Tech Team February 08, 2017

Low resistance measurement is used to determine the condition of joined junctions like circuit breaker and relay contacts and terminals. When these joints weaken, carbon deposits, grease, dirt and other contaminants resulting in the resistance to increase, which in turn causes the junction to not efficiently carry the current, dissipating the power losses as heat. Thus, leading to further deterioration and eventual failure.


Rent Megger DLRO200-115, Test Your Electrical System with Confidence

by Protec Tech Team September 07, 2016

When checking the continuity of a test circuit, rely on the Megger DLRO200-115 200A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter to quickly ramp the test current up to the desired level. An auto-ranging and easy to use DLRO, the Megger DLRO200-115 measures resistance in switch and breaker contacts, bus-bar joints, and other high-current electrical systems.

As many as 300 sets of results may be stored in the test set’s on-board memory for later download to a PC or may be sent directly to a printer via the RS232 port.


Many Industries Benefit By Using Megger DLRO 600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

by Protec Tech Team August 09, 2016

Reduced electrical connections decrease the effectiveness of the ground bed and can cause substantial power quality-related problems and/or catastrophic failure in the event of a major electrical surge.


Megger DLRO200-115 DLRO Offers High Quality and Accurate Test Results

by Protec Tech Team December 07, 2015

Circuit breaker or relay contacts, bus bars and switchgears constantly carry high currents. If the junctions deteriorate, the current carrying efficiency may be reduced and cause several problems like welding of contacts, localized Ohmic heating and eventual component failure.


Megger DLRO10HD Measures Low Resistance Values in Several Applications

by Protec Tech Team December 02, 2015

The Megger DLRO10HD 10A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter measures low resistance values in applications ranging from railways and aircraft to resistance of components in industry.

Any metallic joint can be measured you must be aware of measurement limitations depending on application.


Megger DLRO 600 Offers High Current Capability in a Compact Design

by Protec Tech Team September 11, 2015

Weighing less than 33 lbs (15kg), this makes the Megger DLRO 600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter equally at home in the workshop, on the production floor or in the field.


Megger DLRO200-115 Provides Test Currents From 10 amps Up to 200 amps

by Protec Tech Team September 09, 2015

Industries that consume vast amounts of electrical power must include low resistance ohmmeter measurements in their maintenance operations. Not only does abnormally high resistance cause unwanted heating, possibly leading to danger, but it also causes energy losses which increase operating costs.


Megger DLRO10HD Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter (DLRO) Specifications

by Protec Tech Team June 25, 2015

The Megger DLRO10HD 10A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter is a heavy duty model that combines simplicity of operation with selected high power ranges and the ability to simultaneously make measurements and charge the battery from line power.

The Megger DLRO10HD provides five test modes each of which is selected via a rotary switch. Controls are simple and easy to operate in all weather conditions and with gloved hands operation. 


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