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Three Phase Transformer Winding Resistance Meter From Protec - Vanguard TRM-403

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vanguard_trm_-403The Vanguard TRM-403 Transformer Resistance Meter is a three phase transformer winding resistance meter that allows the user to connect all test cables to the transformer bushings.

The Vanguard TRM-403 will measure the resistance value for each of the phases without the need to disconnect and reconnect cables for each phase. The Vanguard TRM-403 can provide a fast and stable reading of very large transformers by utilizing a 60Vdc power supply.

Since the TRM-403 can accurately measure resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 500 Ohms, it can be used as a micro-ohm meter to measure EHV circuit breaker contact resistance, or for any low resistance measuring application.

Vanguard TRM-403 features:

  • Perform three phase test on transformers without the need to switch cables
  • Can provide individual Delta winding resistance values
  • Can provide individual Wye (with no neutral) winding resistance values
  • Demagnetize transformer after test
  • Selectable test current from 1A to 20A (TRM-203) and 1A to 40A (TRM-403)
  • Computer-control via RS-232C, USB, or bluetooth interface
  • Built-in 2.5" wide thermal printer

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