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Omicron OMS 605 Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring SystemWhen operating with high voltage equipment the use of Partial discharge (PD) detection equipment is necessary.

Partial discharge is a localized dielectric breakdown of a small portion of a solid or liquid electrical insulating system under high-voltage field stress, which does not bridge the space between two conductors. If left unattended, partial discharge often leads to a failure of the electrical insulating system.

To detect PD in the early stages or to determine source location periodic diagnostic PD measurements are recommended.

Reliable and long-term operation of high voltage equipment can only be assured by PD prevention and detection.

Protec now offers a full range of both on-line and off-line Partial Discharge test equipment available for rent:

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PMDT PDetector Handheld Partial Discharge Detector

Omicron OMS 605 Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring System

Related Omicron OMS 605 Portable PD Monitoring System modules to enable
various display and assessment features to achieve high PD measurement accuracy:

CAL 542 Charge Calibrator

MCT 120 High-Frequency Current Transformer

PD Terminal Box

UCS1 UHF Cable Sensor

UHF 620 Bandwidth Converter

UPG 620 Pulse Generator


This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

Protec's Calibration Lab offers accurate and affordable calibration services for all makes and models of electrical test and measurement equipment. Contact us today for a quote.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published April, 2017 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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