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Be Prepared for Outage Season with Protec Equipment Resources

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Doble F6150sv Relay Testing SystemPlanned outages are an important part of maintaining plant operations and have proven to reduce the number of unplanned outages, maintenance costs, and increases overall operating reliability.

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Outages can last from 15 minutes to months, and allow utilities to take equipment out of service for maintenance, replacement, or new construction.

Safely performing an outage begins with a comprehensive, site-specific safety plan and having the appropriate equipment on-hand is important. If the right equipment is unavailable, you may face undesirable delays, or workers may be exposed to danger by using the wrong equipment.

That’s where Protec Equipment Resources comes in...

Circuit breaker test sets, high voltage test equipment, power quality analyzers, secondary injection test sets — you name it, we rent it.

Our electrical test equipment rental inventory includes power factor test equipment, power quality analyzers, relay test sets, AC hipot and DC hipot test equipment and more. To make sure that you have the best, we supply equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers: Doble, FLIR, Fluke, HV Diagnostics, Megger, Omicron, Raytech and Vanguard among others.

Protec offers multiple locations to better serve your needs, and electrical test and measurement equipment rental options that work for you.

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